Everything You Need To Know About Victoria Memorial Hall

Victoria Memorial Hall preserves old weapons, stamps, sculptures, textiles, maps, and coins. Head towards Royal Gallery to see fine portraits of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. In the Museum, there are various other paintings which depict the Queen’s life.

Best Time to Visit Victoria Memorial

You must visit this place with your friends or family in the evening as the lighted building appear stunning. Plus, the camera is allowed, so you can click tons of pictures.

Way To Victoria Memorial

Head to Jawaharlal Nehru Road. And then in the area around banks of Hooghly River, you will find Victoria Memorial. 🙂

Construction and Plan of the building

Sir William Emerson planned the design and Victoria Memorial was built in 15 years (1906-1921). The monument has the combination of British as well as Mughal architectural styles and it was inaugurated in the year 1921. Prince of Wales laid the foundation of the building.

What makes Victoria Memorial so special?

Made up of white Makrana marbles, the building is 184 feet tall. Thousands of tourists visit this place to explore its Hall which showcases artifacts and paintings from the British Rule.

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