Upload Photos Directly from Adobe Lightroom into WordPress

We have received all the best software online at a relatively cheap price. The way WordPress makes web design easy for web developers, in the same way, Adobe Lightroom makes image editing easy for photographers. Professional photographers edit photographs in Adobe Lightroom before transferring them to the website. Although photo editing is a must, manually transferring them into WordPress website can be a bit time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sync these two useful platforms?

In this article, we are sharing with you some simple ways to quickly transfer photographs from Adobe Lightroom into your website with a single click.


You must install Adobe Lightroom in your laptop. Creative Suite or Lightroom 5 (or later version) will work fine. Then, you should use Envira Gallery, best gallery plugin. It permits you to make stunning responsive picture galleries on your website.

Tip: If you want Google to rank your images, you must rename your images with the name that defines them. File name like “lightroom-image-upload.jpg” is a way better than “IMG_2345.cr2.” Using a file name with simple SEO friendly words that define it will increase its possibility of being found.

How to upload your images from Lightroom to WordPress?

Adobe Lightroom and WordPress does not integrate. You need to make some changes. Here are the steps to integrate Adobe Lightroom into WordPress Website:
Setting Up Adobe Lightroom

You must install and setup Adobe Creative Cloud application on your laptop. After installation, you have to log in with your Adobe ID. Once signed in, ensure that file syncing is not disabled. Enable file syncing.

Note: There are many WordPress plugins, or add-on’s to sync these platforms for free. But, most plugins aren’t regularly updated, and can open your website to security issues. You should also check on the developer managing the plugin’s compatibility with latest versions of WordPress.
Envira Gallery plugin is the recommended popular plugin (premium). WP/LR Sync and LR/Blog are other two famous plugins (free). However, if you use free plugin, you might be required to download other premium plugins from Meow Apps website.

Using Envira Gallery plugin

Install Envira Gallery addon for Lightroom. To use it, you need Envira Gold or higher license.
Go to Addons for Adobe Lightroom page. Then, search for Envira Gallery.

Click on Envira Gallery. Then, click on Install/Free button, on the next page which just opened, to continue. Envira Gallery addon should now start installing. Once installed, check Creative Cloud application for the message of successful installation of Envira Gallery addon.

Envira-gallery.zip and enviralrplugin.zip files will also be downloaded to your laptop. Visit laptop’s Downloads folder to find and extract both the files. Unzip the file by doubling click on it. It will also include a file named envira.lrplugin.

Open Adobe Lightroom. Then, in the toolbar, click on File » Plugin Manager.

Plugin manager menu window will be raised. Click on Add button. Then, choose envira.lrplugin file from your laptop. Hit the Done button to see Envira Gallery in Adobe Lightroom.
Envira Gallery has been correctly included as a publish service to Lightroom. You must setup Envira Gallery for Lightroom.

Setting up Envira Gallery plugin

Click on install. Then, click on activate Envira Gallery plugin. After successful activation, one should head to Envira Gallery and then to its Settings page. You have to verify your license key. On Envira Gallery site, you can get your license key from your accounts page.

After successful verification, click on the Addons tab. Then, click on Install Addon button. To find Lightroom Addon, you need to search below.

Install the Lightroom addon, and then enable it by hitting on activate button.

Reload the settings page to head to a new tab named Lightroom. Click on the Lightroom tab to see two choices.

Select the user account for publishing pictures from Lightroom. Generate and copy an access token which will be needed in the next step.

Save the settings.

Connect Lightroom to Envira Gallery Plugin

After setting up Envira Gallery and Lightroom, permit Lightroom to communicate with Envira Gallery.

Head to Adobe Lightroom and under publish, services panel hit on the ‘Setup’ link.
Upon correctly setting up Envira Gallery plugin, you will be directed to publishing services manager tab.

Give your WordPress website’s address and your access token which you previously generated. Then, choose Use WP Rest API v2 to connect Lightroom with your WordPress website.

Hit on authenticating button. Lightroom will get linked with your website. When it gets connected successfully on your website, you will receive a message of successful authentication.

Click OK and Save the settings in publishing services manager window.

Upload Images From Lightroom into WordPress

The stated steps should have guided you in successfully setting up Lightroom add-on and Envira Gallery plugin. In future, you may have to repeat those steps.

With Envira Gallery, you can quickly transfer all your images from Lightroom to the website.
Make new collection

Head to Adobe Lightroom and right click on Envira. On the menu, hit on ‘Create Published Collection.’

Collection name

You will see a pop-up window. Give a name for your collection or image gallery in your WordPress website.

Click on ‘create’ to continue. You can drag and drop pictures from the library to the new empty collection.

Publishing from Lightroom to Envira Gallery

When you add, remove, or edit pictures in a collection, you have the option to Publish it. Click on publish button to transfer your images to WordPress website.

Save them in the Envira Gallery. You can make changes in your image as per your wish. Edit your pictures in Lightroom, add or remove pictures. Click on the publish button.

In WordPress dashboard, visit Envira Gallery to check Lightroom collection in the gallery.
The new gallery is created and saved as a draft. Publish it to add it to your posts or pages.

Using WP/LR Sync Plugin

On your WordPress plugin panel, search for WP/LR Sync. Then, install and activate it. Once the plugin is successfully installed, visit its admin panel. You should enable Post Types extension. Save the changes.

Now, to make any changes in your extensions, visit WP/LR Sync > Post Types tab.

To make any further changes, visit WP/LR Sync > Settings.

That’s all. You have correctly connected Lightroom with your WordPress website! Congratulations. Now, you can quickly transfer your pictures directly from Adobe Lightroom to your website’s image galleries.

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