9 Reasons You Should Visit Chandigarh

Well, the planned city of the free India has won numerous honors and picked up acknowledgment worldwide as a ‘beautiful city’.

Far from the noise of metropolitan, this union domain of Northern India is referred to for its all around planned improvement and also great architecture.

Here are the reasons, why Chandigarh is viewed as the best Indian city to live in –

Carefully Planned


Each part is carefully planned, made and created. Practically every private part has a business square, group focus, post office, school, healing facility and police headquarters.

By the way, the city has numerous enormous stops as well. (PS: Windows are sheltered from cricket balls).

Beautiful man-made lake


The city was worked around a man-made lake. Initially, Chandigarh was intended for resigned safeguard personnel and their families.

The wide streets and open spaces permit children enough space to play. Adding to the range of, a man-made lake was composed. The lake provides great dawn and nightfall pictures. Believe us – it is a road to be for a morning or evening walk!!

IT center point


After some time the city has developed from a city of resigned people to a place for experts. Chandigarh has one of the coolest IT center points in India.

Basically, because of the pool of ability, which Chandigarh has being a joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, geeks began coming here and set-up their workplaces. Today, Chandigarh has turned into a center point for new businesses. Furthermore, dissimilar to metropolitan, nerds party throughout the night each Wednesday and Saturday.

Cleanest city


Chandigarh is not just the India’s one of the best-planned city but is likewise one of the cleanest urban communities in India. The Swachh Bharat Mission has contributed encourage.

Armed force families are known for their teach, so it ought to shock no one that Chandigarh is long ways ahead of different urban areas as far as cleanliness.

Country’s First Smoke Free Place


Aside from vehicular contamination, the city doesn’t contribute a bit to the air contamination of the Northern India. Ventures are set up outside the city, because of which occupants get the opportunity to inhale natural air very nearly 365*24/7.

Medicinal offices


Being the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, successive governments have concentrated a great deal on creating world-class medicinal offices in the city.

Other than government doctor’s facilities like GMCH and PGI, the best private doctor’s facility chains, for example, Fortis and Max Superspeciality are additionally situated in the city.

Most joyful city in India


LG Electronics in 2015 positioned Chandigarh as the most joyful city in India. Parks, lakes, cleanliness, no roads turned parking lots and the works contributed towards their satisfaction record.

Safe City for Women and Girls


The police headquarters at each niche and corner of the city include significantly towards the women security. Chandigarh resembles a model city for other Indian urban areas to build up their police organization. While girls in metropolitan feel frightened at the night, here they can escape a bar at midnight and achieve home securely.

Most noteworthy per capita pay


A current study discovered Chandigarh at the tops of Indian States and Union Territories with the most noteworthy per capita salary.

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