5 Worst Branding Stories of 2016

For any business or product, great branding is most important to get the right audience. Through logo, people find right product or brand for themselves. Some popular brands redesigned their logo in 2016. Unfortunately, some new designs left us shaking our heads and wondering who approved such an atrocious final result. Here are 5 worst branding stories of 2016.

  1. Instagram


Instagram’s new logo with bright and garish colors hits over the user’s head. Additionally, it fails to stand out as an immediately recognizable camera like the first logo did. This redesign isn’t the worst of all time. Overall, however, this logo is ugly and fails to amaze Instagram users.

2. Pandora


Unfortunately, this new logo isn’t even like the dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park.” It would have been better if it could offer dangerous, dynamic or exciting feel. Instead, it’s boring, simple and feels useless. They should have stuck with the old brand logo as that came with some brand identification.

3. Subway


What does a company do to rebrand after a major spokesperson controversy? They badly redesign their logo so that it appears like a bit different form of the same basic idea. Changing the text style and removing black outline can’t make the name stand out more or appear more appealing. All it does is point out the fact that the brand removing itself from the stink of Jared Fogle’s unlawful activities.

4. Uber


Uber disclosed another logo and app icon last year, and both of them bombed. Firstly, the so-called new logo is only a very minimal redesign to the design already existed, and it doesn’t improve the branding consumers are used to. The more shocking change was with the application icon, however, which now resembles a credit card security chip.

5. Meetup


Meetup’s previous logo was plain, to the point and easily represented the brands’ whole idea. Changing that logo to one that’s nothing more than a quirky thought on the name isn’t a change. In fact, the text style choice isn’t very engaging, and this design seems to be aimed at only one very particular audience. Every other person is likely to be distanced by the brand’s new logo.

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