10 Amazing Places in Kolkata for the Perfect Romantic Date

Romance in Kolkata paints pictures of little boats in peaceful lakes, clamoring streets lit up with colorful lights and Rabindranath Tagore’s profound music in the background. This Diwali, take your special someone to a special spot – a spot where your love takes the inside stage, while city life takes a secondary lounge.

The charming areas of Kolkata shape a scenic setting for commending the day of love. Predominantly a city brimming with parks, the greenery of the Kolkata comes as an invited shelter from the utter chaos of lives. And after that, there is this old-world appeal overflowing from Kolkata’s landmarks, well-known lakes, and prevalent parks.

Rest assured, Kolkata will move you and appeal you to boost your romantic side and impart some memorable minutes to your loved one. Your work is just to be at the right spot at the correct time with the perfect person. Pick any of the recommended romantic spots in Kolkata to enjoy romance time in the city of joy.

  1. Prinsep Ghat – Inarguably, the most romantic spot in Kolkata

Prinsep Ghat is the most beautiful romantic spot in Kolkata with staggering perspectives and the corroded setting. The façade of the landmark is hypnotizing amid evenings, and the striking perspective of the Hoogly Bridge has entranced numerous a lovers. It is guaranteed that your love for each other will grow ten folds in the midst of this unmatchable magnificence of Kolkata.

Prinsep Ghat is a beautiful spot that has been the shooting scene for some TV serials and Bollywood films. It is known as one of the best romantic spots in Kolkata, and as it should be. The stream back is uncommonly beautified by a staggering landmark gloating Gothic-Greek design style.


Things to do: On the Ganges takes a private boat ride, walk around the Hooghly River Bank, and take in the excellence of the environment. The couple must not forget to take a ride on the well known Circular Railway. We have heard that it conveys good fortunes to the relationship.

Security rating: 8/10

  1. Victoria Memorial – For enchanting night hues

Victoria Memorial looks dazzling during the evening because of lighting impacts. The superb white marble structure appears to be more beautiful at night with the otherworldly lighting impact. The magnificence of the landmark is totally enchanting and charming.


Victoria Memorial – a definitive indication of love is devoted to Queen Victoria of England and has a striking similarity to Taj Mahal. The premises of the landmark are secured with colorful flowers, sprawling gardens, beautiful bushes, and charming water bodies.

Things to do: Spend a romantic day in the beautiful greenhouses encompassing the remembrance, taking a look at the lovely wellsprings; appreciate the perfect perspective of enchantingly lit Memorial during the evening, and remember to click for a cozy selfie against it.

Security rating: 7/10

  1. Rabindra Sarobar – Perfect break from the city commotion

The beautiful play of lights at Rabindra Sarobar is a standout among the most beautiful romantic spots in Kolkata. The tweeting fowls make for a reviving encompass sound framework. With greenery and bright blooms around, it is the incredible spot to get away from the city clamor.


Rabindra Sarobar is an artificial lake in South Kolkata. It is a standout among the most beautiful romantic spots in the city with charming placidness encompassing it, especially towards the night.

Things to do: For an impeccable night with your special one, go for a walk by the lakeside, click pictures with intriguing winged creatures out of sight, and appreciate the beautiful nightfall.

Security rating: 8/10

  1. Eco Park – If watersports are at the forefront of your thoughts!

Beautiful covered cabin at Eco Park which comes as a resting place for some romantic souls in Kolkata. Hence, it is in the list of the new romantic spot in Kolkata. Reserve a spot here.


Eco Park is a man-made park that appears in our list of most romantic spots in Kolkata attributable to its lovely feel. The setting looks completely captivating with calming breeze blowing in your face, rich trees and blooming flowers giving you organization, and very much characterized pathways making for a quiet view. It is a much-needed refresher, right amidst a solid wilderness. The moments you can share here are humongous, despite the fact that a huge piece of it is still under development.

Things to do: Indulge in water sports like boating, kayaking, water zorbing and such with your partner; influence with the washing water of the musical wellsprings; share some romantic perspectives from the covered Artist’s cabin; walk around the Tea Garden and Mask Garden. Appreciate the vivid flowers show at Wildflower Meadow and Formal Garden.

Security rating: 8/10

  1. Millennium Park – Sunsets to treasure for eternity

Shocking nightfall at Millennium Park draws numerous couples which have made it a standout among the most romantic spots in Kolkata.


Millennium Park is one of the best places for couples in Kolkata. It is a spot with unsurmountable magnificence and striking figures. Millennium Park has everything a romantic spot ought to have – magnificence, peace, protection and reachability. The ideally manicured yards see numerous couples having some warm talks here. An alluring nightfall is the highlight of the park.

Things to do: Situated by the Ganges, Millennium Park is flawless to go through a tranquil night with your partner. Walk around the lavish greenery of the garden; write poems in the romantic setting, and capture pictures of the red-orange shades of the day break.

Security rating: 8/10

  1. Nalban – A quiet drifting paradise

Nalban Boating Complex in Kolkata is swarmed with couples amid the charming days.

Next on the list of romantic spots in Kolkata is Nalban. It is a hitting lakeside spot with lavish greenery and shocking perspectives at its beck. The tranquil lake makes for an exceptional background to kick back and delight in the wondrous excellence with your loved one. Also, there are some fascinating exercises as well.


Things to do: Enjoy drifting at the Nalban Boating Complex; have an adorable little excursion at the lakeside, complete with the straw mat and delightful picnic foods; play badminton and make new scores for your love.

Security rating: 7/10

  1. The Bridge – Floatel – Romance by the lake

The Bridge – Floatel is a standout among the most romantic feasting places in Kolkata.


Clasping hands while standing on a boat’s deck cool ocean breeze washing through your hair, twinkling lights, and scrumptious fragrance of sustenance – this is the scene at one of the best romantic spots in Kolkata, The Bridge – Floatel. The exciting hotel makes a comfortable climate which you can appreciate and savor with your partner.

Things to do: Enjoy the outside feasting in the freshness of Ganges, and request Prawn Moilee Melon with Manhattan Cocktail.

Security rating: 8/10

  1. Feast at Kolkata’s most romantic hotels

Splash – Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista

Swissotel is one of the best romantic feasting places in Kolkata. The most comfortable and romantic eating place in Kolkata, Splash – Swissotel is the best you can expect to get in the city. Elegantly embellished corners, airy beautifications, and warm lighting are simply ideal for a romantic night.

Smoke Shack in Park Plaza

The best bar to share a generous blend of mixed drinks, Smoke Shack is the new hit place with the couples in Kolkata. The faint lighting and extensive settings are greatly prominent. Experiment with their heady blends and mixed drinks for a happy buzz.

Guchhi in Hyatt Regency


This upscale bar has been there for a very long time. You can be surely discovered society’s creme de’la creme. Open kitchen, warm environment, neighborly staff and delightful treats – it can’t show signs of improvement than that.

Aqua – The Park Hotel

The vital situation of the pool, right amidst all the fun – has made the place to a great degree prominent. A significant romantic setting with a vibe of feasting waterside is the special appeal of the spot.

Blue and Beyond in Hotel Lindsay

The swanky open-porch restaurant has been a prominent spot to visit in Kolkata for couples. The white stylistic theme with white window ornaments, furniture, tablecloths, and cutlery is enjoyed by numerous. Attempting their global mixed drinks is an absolute necessity here.

  1. Raichak – The extravagant romantic getaway

The five-star property of Raichak is a standout among the most lavish romantic spots close Kolkata.


Another most romantic spots close to Kolkata, Raichak is a little down that has been as of late created as the new rich go-to goal for couples. The rich 5-star property is the perfect romantic getaway close Kolkata if you wouldn’t fret going overboard on your love. However, it is assured that each dime spent would be absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. It is hardly 2 hours from Kolkata and unquestionably a right pick among romantic spots for couples.

Things to do: Admire the excellence of the scenes, go for couple treatment at Anaya Spa and decide on rooms with the gallery to make the most of your minimal private show of nature. Binge spends on flame light suppers and stance for amazing pictures to catch your memorable stay.

Security rating: 8/10

  1. Mandarmani – The romantic fishing town

The striking drivable shorelines of Mandarmani make it a standout among the most beautiful romantic spots close Kolkata.


Mandarmani is a nice fishing town close to Kolkata. It has come up as an exceptionally encouraging romantic place close Kolkata. Approximately 3 hours from Kolkata, Mandarmani is known for its long-amplified drivable shorelines. The unexplored appeal of the spot calls numerous adoring souls and freshly discovered partners to find their love along the dazzling shorelines.

Things to do: Relax under the sun and appreciate the all-encompassing perspective of the skyline; extend your muscles and enjoy recreations like shoreline volleyball, shoreline cricket, parasailing, horseback riding and lethargic swimming along the shore; investigate the waterway delta toward the end of shoreline; taste on crisp coconut water together.

Security rating: 9/10

Which of these romantic spots in Kolkata inspire you with its excellence and confinement? Do tell us.

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