7 Replicas of Game of Thrones Locations in India

Imagine the world without GoT, don’t do that to yourself, too much stress. But just in case India came up with its version (don’t worry that will never happen, or pray that never happens) at least we will have the exact locations to copy (that would be by default, blame the diversity). In honor of the new season, we have come out with a list of locations in our country that can be easily mistaken as GoT locations.

1. Havelock Island as Pentos

Havelock Island Beach Resort
Image Credits: Agoda

Pentos is the iconic location where Daenerys gets married to Khal Drogo. If you are an obsessed fan who is getting married what better place than Havelock Islands. The Havelock islands are in the Andamans.

2. Zanskar Valley as North Of the Wall

Padum, the main base for treks through the spectacular Zanskar Valley, Kashmir, India
Image Credits: Bradt Travel Guides

So the basic similarity between the two gorgeous locations is the frozen wall and extreme cold climatic condition. The Indian Valley is like a dessert that is on the Northern flank of the Great Himalayas. It is considered as one of the coldest places in the world. Another striking similarity is just like the night Night’s watch guard the North of the Wall; here the Indian army does it.

3. Kashmir as Winterfell

Kashmir Observer
Image Credits: Kashmir Observer

We know that the Starks love Winterfell their traditional home and why not, one of the most beautiful locations in the show with lots of greenery. Similarly, Kashmir exudes similar beauty with breathtakingly scenic beauty amidst the soothing climate. Both these locations have hills, valleys and beautiful nature in short. If ever Starks shift to India in the series, Kashmir is the place.

4. Jaigarh Fort as Castle Black

jaigarh fort
Image Credits: Newskira

Castle Black is another iconic structure in GoT that protects Winterfell from the scary White Walkers and again we are lucky to have a similar location our country in the form of Jaigarh Fort which has similar imposing height as the Castle Black.The Jaigarh Fort is located in Jaipur to protect the Amber Fort, another similarity. It’s located at the peak of the Aravalli.

5. Hampi India – Valyria

Hampi India
Image Credits: Newskira

Yet another location that doesn’t just look similar but has a similar history. Valyria is the ancestral home to the Targaryens which got ruined in Essos. Similarly, Hampi also saw its glory days before turning into ruins. It’s a tourist place and recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and has many attractions like the musical pillars of the Vijaya Vittala temple, the queen’s bath, Virupaksha temple and much more, each of the mentioned attraction has a story of its own.

6. Jaisalmer as Dorne

Image Credits: Travel Triangle

Dorne is shown as a harsh climatic desert and one of the seven kingdoms in the series. Similarly, Jaisalmer, one of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan has a harsh desert climate. But it doesn’t hurt the eye; on the contrary, it is a visual treat. The large forts will definitely remind you of Dorne but prettier.

7. Chiktan as Harrenhal

Image Credits: Ladakh blogger

Harrenhal stands as one of the large castles in the series with a very spooky appearance but it is not as spooky as the Chiktan Khar in India, which is located far up in the colossal Himalayas, which is very beautiful yet eerie. Apparently, there are a lot of paranormal activities taking place in the deserted palace. If you consider yourself as one of the Bravehearts from GoT then you must visit it.

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